The People of Cascadia is a highly visual and comprehensive historical glimpse into the daily life of four major cultural language groups of the Pacific Northwest: the Coast Salish, Wakashan, Chinookan and Sahaptin which encompass dozens of bands and tribes. Cascadia refers to a geographic region that includes the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia Plateau and includes portions of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.

It was written and illustrated for all ages, from elementary to college level students and for anyone interested in learning more about the people who lived in this region for at least five hundred generations before the first European schooners arrived in the late 1700’s.  

There are over 350 drawings, historical paintings, maps and photographs with associated text, organized into cultural themes common to most tribes, and then further divided into specific cultural groups and their unique elements. Additional insights are offered through journal notes from Lewis & Clark and, Vancouver expeditions, and early settlers journals, as well as legends from tribal groups.

People of Cascadia Book