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Connecting to plants through modern mixology.

The Foraged Cocktail is a mother and daughter collaboration merging a love of native plants, history, ethno-botany, exotic travels and mixology.

Constantly experimenting with new ingredients and methods allows us to to create truly unique botanical & boozy drinks.

We travel near and far to find plants and ingredients from their place of origin. Our expeditions may take us to the Yakima River valley in search of a special flower; or Costa Rica to find a source of Cinchona; or Spain to taste test the hottest vermouths.

Our mission is to arm others with the knowledge of how the plants in your yard or even the local farmers market can transform alcohol into something divine and medicinal.




Vermouth Kits for Sale

The Foraged Cocktail Vermouth Kits are now exclusively available from Gatherer to Gardener online store. Kits ship out in 1-2 days using Priority Mail, typically arriving in 1-2 days. If you’d like us to include a personal note, let us know!

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