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Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Options we can offer:

Foraged Cocktail Plant Seasonal Display and Bitters Tasting:

An interactive seasonal display of some of the foraged plants we use, along with a bitters tasting using some of these plants which will includes amaros, bitters and vermouth used throughout time for before and after dinner healthful digestifs and aperetifs.

Liqueur d’ Herb Gift Do-it- yourself Gift Bags:

A mini-presentation and display about creating ‘liqueur d’herb’, inspired by our trip to Spain where herbal liqueurs are a family tradition, each recipe different.  Your guests can take home a decorative gift bag with their own custom designed blend of herbs and recipe card to infuse their own favorite liqueur for the holiday.


Custom Designed Foraged Cocktail Recipe:

A consultation to create a ‘foraged cocktail’ that you can serve at your event, help you find the ingredients, and offer a quick lesson, if needed on creating these cocktails. We would then provide a nicely designed Cocktail Recipe Card with your logo or organization on one side, and our Foraged Cocktail program information on the other.

We can offer these at no charge in exchange for promoting our upcoming classes, invite people to sign-up for our newsletters and sell our Foragers Cocktail book and Foraged Cocktail kits. These events need to have at least 50 people expected, primarily over age 21, and an audience that would find Foraged Cocktails interesting (most adults!).

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